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Welcome to the start of a new journey. Our promise to you, we will do everything we can to help you fulfill your fitness potential. A bigger, stronger, healthier you. 

If you have the passion, heart, and determination to be a better you, then this is the place for you!

Whether you’re brand new to the gym or you’ve been training for years we have the tools and training to get you to the next level.

There’s no better gym than Diaz Zone to achieve your fitness goals. But there are a few things you should know:

1. This is not a global franchise gym full of shiny useless equipment. We work hard at Diaz Zone and we guarantee results as long as you work just as hard.

2. Pride and ego are not welcome here. Everyone at Diaz Zone is a family. We are here to better ourselves and support each other in the process.

3. Have fun! Show up, work hard, and get ready to see results.

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Personal Training & Gym Plans


Get personal 1 on 1 training at a great price.


Personalized fitness plans and nutrition to meet your goals.


Appointment-based gym membership. Never worry about crowded gyms again.


Weekly boot camps, monthly challenges and prizes

One Gym, Various Training Methods

Strength Training & Body Sculpting

Male or female we could all benefit from being stronger. Whether your goals are to beat that PR, add on a few pounds of muscle, or just toning we have everything you need to get there. 

Build the body of your dreams with knowledge and equipment that has stood the test of time.  

Fat Loss & HIIT

If your goal is to lose those quarantine pounds, we’ve got you covered. We have everything you need to torch fat from kickboxing to rope pulls. 

You’ll leave the gym knowing you gave everything you had and you’re that much closer to your goals.

Weekly Bootcamps and Monthly Challenges

Try our weekly boot camps.

We host a community workout every week in the neighborhood park. (Masks required). 

Still not sure, try a free session with us. We’ll find out what your goals are and create a plan to help you get there.


what They’re Saying

Member Testimonials

Diaz Zone is a life changer, literally! I’ve been strength training for a few years now and could never seem to get past my plateaus.

We worked on nutrition and different movements. Vince constantly pushes me past my limits and after 3 months of training, my bench went from 225 to 295. I’m squatting 315 and deadlifting more weight than ever.

Seriously if you have any serious fitness goals this is the place!

Phil W.

“For those looking for that personalized and focused training, look no further than Marc Vincent Diaz from Diaz Zone. You’ll quickly realize that fitness, wellness, and health have been a lifelong focus from this individual.

Through the Diaz Zone training, I was able to gain proper calories and reach my target weight within a month, focusing on strength and endurance that benefit my overall health in and outside my Brazilian Jiu-jitsu training. In addition to the training, I was given proper dietary advice that I still follow today to maintain what we originally started. You don’t want to miss this.”
Hanajun Chung

I’ve known Vince for about 16 years now, since high school. We didn’t know each other that well back then but I definitely knew he was athletic. We became closer friends later in life and he definitely had kept up with staying fit, unlike myself. So when it came time to better myself, Vince offered to train me and help me reach my goals.
Training with Vince was better than I expected it to be. He took the time to see what my limits were, assess the things I knew, and also ask me what I wanted out of training with him. It wasn’t easy, days training with him really pushed me to my limits and definitely left me very sore, but I couldn’t argue with the results because each training session I was able to lift and endure more.

Throughout my experience I definitely saw an improvement in my strength, stamina, and overall health. With his training I was able to push myself to do things I never thought I would, like participating in 10k obstacle course mud run. Had I stuck with the program I know I would’ve continue to see amazing results, and once I’m able to I plan to go back a train with him. But even now I can use the knowledge that Vince has given me to train at home and get ready to be healthy again.
Arthur Romero

I have known Vince for 16 years. He is my personal friend all 16 years and trainer on and off since we met. I originally met him as an assistant to the girls tennis team. Even then, he was a personal trainer. My most improved tennis player trophy belongs to him.

He has grown in his own fitness through the years and has the great ability to share it. Training with him was not difficult since he genuinely cared for me as I think he genuinely cares for all his clients. He takes the time to understand your goals in fitness and utilize that to motive you. I will not lie that some workouts were strenuous, but the intention was there.

Vince is well versed in his craft to identify your limit and push you a little further to prepare you for your next session. The results were clear. I started a base on how to workout properly and still use his techniques today. It help me build enough confidence to try different workouts and share it with him. I  know he uses part of my ab workout till this day. Although, I am not a professional like he is. Vince is open minded to learning and always building his craft. I believe if I were to stay in his program I would exceed my expectations and always learn something within every session. Unfortunately, I had to move away from his studio to pursue my career. If I ever to return back to the area, I will make sure to schedule a session with him. 
Michelle Dogoldogol

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